The Wayward Suns

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(Vocals / Rhythm Guitar / Harmonica / Percussion)

First experience creating music?

My first experience making music was on a piano in my dad's back room, dabbling with some chords and random words thrown together. Couple years later I started on guitar and have been writing songs ever since.

That song that will always lift you up?

Shake it out by Florence and the machine.

What are your biggest musical icons / influences?

Absolutely anything and everything musical. Everything is special in its own way and can connect you to some thought and feeling. I'd say life is my biggest influence.

What personal or other gig experience made you laugh the most last year?

Definitely when we were at the Nimbin Mardygrass and Pete saved a baby that rolled out of some random person's tent and down a hill. (the baby was returned safe & sound)

Musical goals?

Worldwide tours for the rest of our life's. To be a household name and write a song/songs that last for all time as a classic.

Your favourite place in the world?

Too many to mention but one would be a little swimming hole only a rare few know about in the valleys behind the Gold Coast

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