The Wayward Suns

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(Back Up Vocals / Lead Guitar)

First experience creating music yourself?

My first experience creating music was in my parent’s garage at the age of 15. I’d just got my first electric guitar and the kid up the street had drumkit. I remember cranking that little amplifier and smashing out some basic chords while my mate just hit the drums as hard as he could. It wasn’t in time or in key but to us, it sounded oh so sweet. Just as he hit the last cymbal crash with all his might the garage door rolled up and the kids from the street were gathered out there, all cheering and having a ball. That moment made me strive for a musical future.

That song that will always lift you up?

‘Immigrant Song’ by Led Zeppelin. Love that epic, heavy guitar riff and the glorious lyrics which sing of Norse gods and mythology. Always pumps me up to new levels.

What are your biggest musical icons/influences?

Biggest musical Icon/influence. Well, I have to pick two equals, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. As a guitarist, I can’t go past these two as they were both revolutionary in their playing style. Both shaped the whole way we now think about approaches to playing electric guitar.

What personal or other gig experience made you laugh the most last year?

Definitely the winning of the Airlie beach music festival. When we found out we won and got called up on stage to accept the award in front of thousands of people...but Kano (our rapper) and Sunny(drummer) were both off getting a kebab!

Musical goals?

Reaching enough ears with our music that we can quit our jobs and do it full time.

Your favourite place in the world?

That would have to be Milford Sound in New Zealand. The meeting of huge mountains, epic rainforest and crystal blue water with seals and dolphins is just mind-blowing.

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Led Zeppelin / Jimi Hendrix