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The Wayward Suns: Aussie Hip Hop, Surf-Rock Roots Fusion; Igniting in 2016 The Wayward Suns beamed into existence with the collaborative expressions of blues & roots Singer / Song writer Buddha Brad (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar / Harmonica / Percussion), combined with the melodic gifts of technically trained Jesse-Sun fluidity on lead guitar (Back Up Vocals / Lead Guitar), interweaving underground Aussie conscious rhyming lyricism & hip hop production of Kano Aka Instinct (MC Vocals / Percussion / DJ), with the addition of soulful bass frequencies from Peter-Sun (Back Up Vocals / Bass Guitar) & blessings of jazz-funk drum patterns from Sunny Sunil (Drums).

With our sound now locked in, success soon followed. The band got invited to contend in the Airlie beach festival of music; Battle of the bands (an Australia wide competition and the biggest of its kind in the country). After winning a close fought battle with the Gold Coast best bands, we earned the opportunity to represent the Gold Coast against the best musical acts from all over Australia. It was a close event; however, The Wayward Suns were proclaimed as the winners! Since then our drive and passion for this project have accelerated, our music has grown and evolved, and we are ready to bring our unique brand of music to any stage in the world.

Why do you make music?

First and foremost because it’s fun. When we are all in sync and the band is rocking and we are creating an amazing sound that is unique and makes you move, It’s an epic feeling. We are music, everything is music, shhhhh listen inhale, exhale audio with the visual

What's the origin of the band name?

We came up with the name ‘The Wayward Suns’ one night after a rehearsal session. Think we've had a few beers and one of us said I’m feeling a bit wayward. Someone else chimed in with the name Wayward Suns and it stuck, probably because it suits us perfectly. There's a light at the end of the wayward tunnel vision, the darkness shows the stars from the micro-verse to the macro-verse, to communiverse, we are the wayward suns.

What's your ultimate direction for your band?

The Answer is in the form of a question: What way does thought travel? Ultimate direction for the band is to keep making music that we love, keep pouring our souls and hard work into this project so we can eventually do it for a career. To get The Wayward Suns on as many stages, radio stations and headphones as possible.

Break down your favoured #hashtags for the people…

Golden Age Not Cage, We are moving from an age we have or been influenced to live in a self-constructed, self-gratifying technically constructed cage of materialistic gold, This is not who we are Let Tha Dawn Awaken The Gold Within Golden Aage Not Cage, Everybody Love Everbody, yes even the static to stillness.

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